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Timers & PIRs
Columbus Electronic Timer
Microwave Timer
The 380A-1 Microwave Timer is a high performance presence detector with built in Lux level and sensitivity adjustment. The unit sends out
a high frequency sound wave over a range of up to 30 metres and is switched ON by changes to the sound wave caused by movement within the detection zone. With no changes to the sound wave, the unit will switch OFF after the adjustable time period has elapsed.
The sensor has Lux level adjustment, measures the ambient light levels and prevents the lighting being switched ON when there is sufficient light in the room. It also has a sensitivity range adjustment pot.
        Columbus® Electronic Timer is an easy to fit and cost effective way of automatically turning lighting off after a set period of time. Pushing the button switches the switch and activates the time delay, which can be set at installation anywhere between 20 seconds and 25 minutes.
The unit can be fitted to existing single gang switches, making it a perfect low cost energy saving solution in areas such as stairways, corridors and storerooms. Very popular with people who have difficulty in operating switches due to the ease of switch operation..
Columbus Electronic Timer 2A 20 sec - 25 min
Pushbutton Timers
3 Wire Microwave Timer 16A
2 min - 2hr
Part No.
    The Energyoutdoor Pushbutton timer provides an electronic time delay switch for lighting and other power uses in outdoor environments.
Ideal for use in driveways, gardens and patio areas. This easy to fit and highly cost effective unit offers energy saving functionality by timing lighting and power sources off to avoid unnecessary power usage.
Featuring a backlit blue neon indicator ring to aid location in the dark.
The unit is supplied with a surface mounted back box with five knockouts, mounting screws and screw cover seals.
3 Wire Pushbutton Timer 16A 2 min - 2 hr
Slave Unit 16A
Part No.
Timing Range
Timing Range
Part No.
Timing Range
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