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Firesense Limited
   Firesense Limited was founded over 26 years ago, and now, from its base in Tunbridge Wells, is one of the leading fire detection distributors in the UK.
We like to think of ourselves as your “One Stop Shop” for fire detection equipment, supplying Addressable, Conventional, Wireless, Emergency Lighting, Signage, and Security products.
We work closely with leading fire and security manufactures to provide the equipment you need to “Get it Right, First Time, Every Time”.
                Firesense System Checklist
A handy checklist to work through on your new install to make sure everything is ready for commissioning and to make sure your site is as compliant as possible.
• Does the system have a mains isolation switch installed?
• Is there a log book and lockable document box for the system?
• Is the panel correctly identifiable with a fire alarm sign?
• Are all call points identified with the correct signage?
• Does the customer have a suitable call point test key left at the site?
• Are the panel batteries correctly labelled with the tested date?
• Has the manual been left for the customer?
• Has a USB stick been left with the current panel software?
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