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      Prestige 3D Compact
Prestige 3D Compact completes the 3D offering with all the 3D benefits of faster installation, Cat 5e, 6 and 7 compliance and improved aesthetics, but in a smaller footprint and ideal for confined locations.
The new concept uses the full trunking depth with a sliding open box (frame) principle to ease power and data connections.
Contact your local branch for more details.
   Prestige 2com
Prestige 2com trunking is designed to meet the needs of current and future data cabling.
Prestige 2com is Cat 5e, 6 and 7 compliant and provides maximum capacity for data cabling.
Contact your local branch for more details.
When it comes to providing direct bench top access to low voltage electrical, communications and data services, MK Pinnacle is the flexible and versatile solution.
Styled to the same high standards as the Logic PlusTM range, it
features a high quality finish, a curved design and twin segregated compartments. These features mean MK Pinnacle is the bench top solution for laboritories, schools and workshops.
Contact your local branch for more details.
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