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  Smart Controls
   Lighting Controls
The Hamilton Smart Control dimming pack gives simple and effective control of lighting and building systems. It also benefits from being
one of the easiest systems to install and operate, allowing you to transform a space to suit any mood and is essential for creating the right atmosphere in all kinds of environments: residential, hotels, restaurants, bars/clubs, health spas, museums, entertainment spaces such as home cinemas and so much more, both inside and out.
 • Simple and effective control of ambient lighting.
• Close and open window blinds at the touch of a button.
• Easy to install, easier to operate. Set, store and recall lighting scenes, at a touch.
• Daylight/motion sensors maximise energy efficiency.
• Compatible with most leading brand LED lamps.
• Option for RGB DMX or 1 to 10V control for more complex LED colour washing effects.
System Configuration
• Multiple load options including 600Watt, 1KW & 2.5KW,
blind control relays and volt free relays.
• Soft start feature prevents nuisance tripping and extends lamp life.
• Not reliant on manufacturer’s commissioning.
• Multi panel or all-in-one bespoke systems made to order for residential and commercial applications.
  Part No.
 • Simple DIP switch settings allow installer to link multiple packs together to add extra circuits in a larger area i.e no laptop or end user software is required.
• Larger, multi-channel configurations possible by networking dimming/switched systems together. The Mercury® installer software gives access to the many features embedded in the system allowing configuration of larger, more complex applications.
Hamilton Smart Lighting Controls Pack
Mercury 4 x 600W + 3A Relay Dimmer Pack Mercury 4 x 10A + 3A Relay, Relay Pack
Mercury 4 x 600W + 3A Relay Dimmer Pack with Built in Ethernet Bridge
Mercury 4 x 10A + 3A Relay, Relay Pack, with Built in Ethernet Bridge
Remote Dimmer Packs
     Multi-room Audio
Hamilton multi-room is a simple to operate multi-room music system that can have up to four music sources connected to the system which can be listened to in four rooms or zones around the home. The music sources can be controlled by a range of stylish control plates, all of which complement the Hamilton ranges of electrical wiring accessories. The system can also be controlled by WiFi using our downloadable app or an infra red remote control.
 • Create the perfect mood by playing your favourite playlist throughout the entire house/ property.
• A standard set up starts as a 4 zone 4 source multi room music system.
• Optional Bluetooth, connect ability using the Bluetooth module.
• Optional DAB Radio.
• Different rooms can play individual music sources or one source in all rooms.
• 20W + 20W speaker output per zone.
• RS232serialportforintegration with other control systems.
• IP network port for integration and control.
  Lighting Control and Multi-room Audio Controllers
The Hamilton Smart lighting & audio control systems are available with a range of stylish wall mounted controls, including capacitive touch glass plates that complement other wiring accessories in the Hamilton ranges. You can also control these systems with an infra-red remote control or with the Mercury App via an iOS device.
Hamilton Multi-Room Audio Pack
Multi-room Audio Enclosure 4 Room - 4 Zone Multi-room Audio Enclosure 4 Room -
4 Zone with Built in DAB radio
2 Channel Multi-room Audio Enclosure with Built in DAB radio
Part No.
Remote Dimmer Packs
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