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   LED Luminaires
  LED Luminaires from LEDVANCE
LEDVANCE LED luminaires are equipped exclusively with high-quality LED modules in the highest energy efficiency classes (A, A+ and A++).
         Downlight Slim Round
• Direct replacement for compact
fluorescent lamp downlights.
• Available in 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K.
• 420lm,430lm,1020lm and 1530lm.
• Square versions also available.
Panel 600
• Direct replacement for traditional louvre
luminaires 600.
• UGR < 19 versions available.
• Available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.
• 3000lm, 3100lm, 3600lm and 4000lm.
Surface Circular
• Replacement for traditional
fluorescent surface luminaires.
• Very homogenous light distribution.
• 13W, 18W & 24W available in 3000K and 4000K.
• Microwave sensor versions available on all options.
Damp Proof
• IP65 damp proof luminaires.
• Easy installation and tool-free electrical connection.
• Available in 4000K and 6500K.
• In the following lumens: 2400lm, 3500lm, 4400lm and 6400lm.
LED Linear Ultra Output Batten
• 4ft & 5ft Single and Twin versions.
• High Output 8000lm(5ft) to replace
6ft requirement.
• Choice of Light colours.
• Easy installation with multiple mounting points.
• Available in multiple outputs - 4000lm to 8000lm.
       For full range contact your local branch
  High Bay
• Replacement for traditional
high-bay luminaires.
• Now with additional beam angles.
• Available in 95W, 165W and 250W versions up to 22,000lm!
Outdoor Updown
• Very bright and functional outdoor
LED luminaires.
• Die-cast aluminium housing.
• Available in two housing colours: white and dark grey.
• Highly popular range from
10W to 180W.
• Choice of black or white casing on 10W-50W.
• Super efficient High lumen outputs.
 • IP65 PIR range available.
            Outdoor Belt
• Bright and functional outdoor
LED luminaires.
• Available in round and square form. • Die-cast aluminium housing.
• Stainless steel bollards with indirect illumination.
• Available as wall, ceiling and bollard luminares.
• Special light guide design for low-glare illumination.
• Range of size options.
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