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                                CABLE MANAGEMENT Fixings
WCS1N Concrete Screws
• 6 x35mm or 6 x 55mm
• Female M8/M10 internal
• High load capacity
• Simple and quick
installation procedure
Britclips® RSWB
• Extendable bracket for faster mounting of electrical boxes
• Suitable for use in stud walls
and floor joists
• Can be fixed to wood or
metal joists
• Can be set at multiple depths
• Expands from
10-16” (25-40cm) or 16-24” (40-60cm)
Eye Bolt Assembly
• Material: Mild steel • Zinc plated
        Part No. Description
 Part No. Description
  0670961 - HEBC6
  Eye Bolt Assembly
 0670965 - HEB06
 Eye Bolt Assembly
6 x35mm High performance concrete screw
 6 x 55mm High performance concrete screw
     Part No. Description
10-16” (25-40cm) Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket
 16-24” (40-60cm) Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket
          For fast and
reliable fixing,
choose concrete screws
Walraven Concrete Screws
ETA approved range for guaranteed quality
Concrete screws are a convenient, versatile and value for money choice for everyday M&E installations. They are commonly used for securing channel to a surface or dropping rod from in overhead applications. As a screw anchor, they are incredibly easy to install. Brands that are ETA approved offer fire ratings so can be used in escape routes, and documented performance values so you know exactly what you are getting.
           The value of smart
Together we

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