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                    TOOLS & PPE Tools & Accessories
  SDS Plus Innovation Chisels
• A range of problem solving chisels,
purpose made for SDS Plus machines
EBS Square Box Sinking Kits
• Drill a square hole for back boxes in under 2 minutes
• Feature the Tri-Cut round cutter with 50% more carbide tips
for drilling in hard
• An ideal time saving solution which provides a neat flat backed hole
Adjustable Hole Cutter
• Adjustable width blades can cut between 40-203mm
• Impact resistant dust shield provides protection from falling debris
• Supplied in a durable case
Solid Board Cutter
• Drill easy fix access holes in solid boards in under a minute - no need for inter-joist sawing
• Removable solid plug caps provide a neat finish and provide re-entry
• Set contains: 1 x 127mm
Cobalt Cutter 3 x 127mm Plugs
Impact Rated Twister Drill Set
• Features Armeg’s impact rated premium quality drill bits, ideal for tradesmen using impact drivers
• Set contains:
1 x 20, 25mm Nail-Proof WoodBeaver
1 x 20, 25, 32mm Acceler8%
2 x 5.5mm, 1 x 6, 7,8mm Multi-Mat drill bits
1 x 3, 4, 5, 6mm HSS Cobalt
1 x Quick-change
SDS Plus to 1/4” adapter 1 x Quick-change
1/4” extension rod
         Part No. Description
  30mm Channelling Chisel
50mm Channelling Chisel
 20mm Extended Channelling Chisel
 Scutch Comb Chisel - for 40mm combs
  Scutch Comb Chisel - for 25mm combs
 80mm Wide Hard Material Chisel
   Part No. Description
  Tri-Cut Single Box Sinking Set
 Tri-Cut Complete Box Sinking Set
  Part No. Description
    SBC127PLUGSET SBC 127mm Plug Set
   Screwdriver Bit Sets
• Time saving & problem solving Bit Sets
• 27pc & 32pc sets feature ‘click and drive’
• All sets feature
impact driver
rated bits
• Bits are colour
coded for easy selection
         Part No. Description
27 Piece Socket and Screwdriver Bit Set
Part No. Description
 Part No. Description
    TW16PCSET 16 Piece Twister Drilling Set
Dry Diamond Core Drills
• 130mm throat
• High concentration of diamond grit
• Laser welded diamond segments
• Set contains
1 x 42 / 52 / 65 / 117 / 127mm Plus accessories
1000v VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdriver
• Comply with regulation BS7671:2008
• Fully VDE rated with calibration certificate • 1-6Nm Adjustable Torque Setting
• White markings and audible clicking sound
identifies torque level
• Handles work with interchangeable blades • Set Contains:
1 x 1000V VDE Torque Screwdriver 1 x Torque Adjuster
1 x 1000V VDE Screwdriver Handle 1 x 1000V VDE T-Handle
9 x 1000V VDE Interchangeable Blades
32 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set
    15 Pc Masonry Fixing Installation Set
AHC40-200 Adjustable Hole Cutter (40-203mm)
         Part No. Description
 Part No. Description
    SDSBSET001FL 13 Pc Fully Loaded VDE Torque Set
     CDD5PCSET 5 Piece Dry Diamond Core Drill Set
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