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                     UV-C air disinfection
philips lighting
 UV-C air disinfection
Make your world safer
Help protect staff and customers with Philips air disinfection*
 A200 UV-C air disinfection unit
• UV-C lighting achieves 90% disinfection
in 80m3 within 2 hours**
• User friendly touch panel interface
• Portable and easy to move into different locations
• Sturdy, modern and unintrusive design
• No ozone emissions during or after use
Reliable Trusted Efficient
*UV-C light should always be used by professionals in accordance with the safety requirements and instructions to avoid humans and animals from being exposed to it, since it can damage their skin and eyes.
** Tested by Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology
SM130C UV-C upper air disinfection unit
• Enable continuous operation while business
activity continues
• High air-disinfection power
• Easy to install and commission
• Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting • No ozone emitted during or after use
     Trust in 35 years of experience in UV-C lighting

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