Page 790 - Fegime - Electrical Product Guide Issue 1 V5
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                  Making Your Home Smarter...
Endless possibilities
Discover a whole range of smart home products. From smart sockets, cameras, sensors and receivers, all working together to make your home smarter.
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    Communicate and connect with your home - anywhere.
Access your smart devices wherever you are and control them with Google or Alexa.
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        Smart Power
Control your home anywhere, anytime. A choice of a 1 or 2 gang smart sockets. Allowing you to control the power to each outlet with a smart device or voice control.
Smart Security
Peace of mind away from home with our smart security products. 1080p smart camera, wireless PIR sensor, temperature and window/ door sensor.
Smart Receivers
Click Smart+ receivers control your lights and appliances from wherever you are. Simply fit to existing switches or directly at the light source and instantly make your lights smart.
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