Page 94 - Fegime - Electrical Product Guide Issue 1 V5
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                     CABLE MANAGEMENT
Adjustable Bracket
The Fixxclips Fixed adjustable bracket from EFS is a complete, easily adjustable and quick solution for mounting electrical boxes between studs in drywall applications. The bracket features a unique flange end that allows you to measure & align quickly along with being able to mount multiple box depths beyond the standard. The bracket has increased rigidity to help withstand drywall installation.
• Completely adjustable; fits a large range of stud spacings and box depths • Pre-punched screw holes provide for easy box installation
 Metal Stud Bracket
     Part No.
FAB-16 FAB-24
Metal Stud Spacing - 275mm - 450mm Metal Stud Spacing - 400mm - 600mm
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