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                    Fegime UK is one of the oldest Independent Electrical Wholesaling Consortiums in the UK with evidence of initial meetings back to 1969.
Since that time Fegime UK has grown into one of the largest and one of the most successful, with members in the UK from Scotland to the West Country and South East. The coverage Fegime offers its customers is widespread, add the fact that Fegime UK is part of Fegime International, covering 18 European Countries and South America it is clear the support the Group has is exceptional.
The electrical wholesaling market, like many others is changing quickly BUT that does not mean that our traditional business model will cease, moreover it is about adapting to the new digital world we live in whilst improving our service proposition in our Branch Network. Customers now have a lot more choice and Fegime intends to stay at the head of that Customer Choice by Adding Value to its Customers and Preferred Suppliers.
Fegime looks at the market as 3 Pillars of Trading 1. Digital
2. Branch Network
3. New Markets
And when you look at the product information customers now need, it also is in 3 pillars
1. A Digital Catalogue and Product information in Digital format
2. A Printed Catalogue which is easy to read and navigate that can be carried in Installers vans etc
3. New product information quickly and easy to source, waiting for another print run for new items can mean opportunities are missed
To that end Fegime are pleased to launch the Digital version of its Preferred Supplier Catalogue, covering circa 800 pages, it is a searchable catalogue covering all Product Sectors in the Electrical Market from Wiring Accessories to EV Charging.
We hope you find the new catalogue useful and easy to use.
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