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     HEATING & VENTILATION Electric Radiators
  RCTT Electric Radiator
Stylish Radiant Electric Radiator
• Fully controllable digital thermostat
• Dynamic fluid with high thermal inertia
• 3 modes: comfort, economy & anti-freeze
• Built in energy monitor
• Daily, weekly and weekend programming options
• Easy to use keypad
• High precision electronics
• Safety thermal limiter
• Class I. IP 24
• Easy & quick installation
• Sealed for life - no maintenance required
• Complete with UK plug & power cord
Part No.
RC8TT 1000 230 RC10TT 1250 230 RC12TT 1500 230 RC12.8TT 1800 230
Boost Consumption indicator
Output Voltage (W) (V)
Open Window detection
Lockable keyboard
24 h / 7 d Programming
Electrics guarantee
Radiator block guarantee
  500 230 750 230
Dimensions Fins W x H x D (mm)
484x572x100 4 617x572x100 6 750x572x100 8 903x572x100 10 1036x572x100 12 1036x572x100 12
8.5 kg 11.5 kg 14.5 kg 18.0 kg 22.0 kg 22.0 kg
Key Benefits:
• Comfort: Distributes heat directly to the people and objects in a room which leads to an optimum feeling of wellbeing.
• Installation Flexibility: The location of the radiator can be a significant factor in achieving
a comfortable temperature in a room. With our combination of radiant and conventional heating, our radiators are guaranteed to produce warmth within an appropriate space, no matter their location.
• Energy Efficient: Our radiators use only the amount of heat that you require as the temperature sensor (thermostat) will sense when the desired temperature has been achieved and proceed to stop, only turning back on when the temperature of the room begins to decrease.
• Hygienic: Our radiators produce a high level of radiant heat (similar to a central heating system) without the use of a fan. This means the surrounding air and particles are not disturbed, allowing the environment to be kept cleaner as there is less dust and pollutants dispersed.
• Stability: By warming the objects and people in the room rather than solely the air, the overall heat loss in the room will be minimal if a door or window is opened.
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