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                    TOOLS & PPE Hand Tools
Electricians Tools
Automatic Wire Stripper
• Designed for fatigue free, repetitive stripping of flat & round cable & wire with automatic wire size adjustment
Non Contact Voltage Detector Visual & Audible
• Suitable for non-contact AC voltage tests, earthing/ground connection checks, proper connection checks & broken wire detection
ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper
• Fast, clean, safe stripping of SWA cables - up to 50% quicker than conventional stripping methods
SpiraFLEX Draw Tape
• Innovative spiral design significantly reduces frictional resistance allowing for longer cable runs
• Considerably less kinking and coiling compared to nylon and steel tapes
Electrician’s Scissors 140mm
• Heavy duty design for shearing soft cables up to 22 mm diameter, insulation materials, tape, cable ties and many other materials
       Part No. Description
   495001 Automatic Wire Stripper
  Part No. Description
  Non Contact Voltage Detector Visual & Audible
  Part No. Description
  T2250     ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper
Cable Rod Set 10m
• Contents:
10 x Fibreglass composite rods 5 mm Ø 1 x Mini Eye & Ring
1 x Cable Hook
MightyRod PRO
Cable Rod Super Set 12m
• Rod contents: 2 x 1m rods 7 mm Ø / 8 x 1m rods 6 mm Ø / 1 x Rod SpriaFlex 4 mm Ø / 1 x rod GLO 6 mm Ø
• Accessories: Flexi-Lead (mini-flex), Ring, Hook, Gender Changer, Flat Bullet, Domed Bullet, In-Line Swivel, Torch, Magnet, Chain
      Part No. Description
 SpiraFLEX Draw Tape 10M
  SpiraFLEX Draw Tape 20M
 SpiraFLEX Draw Tape 30M
   Part No. Description
   T5410 MightyRod Cable Rod Set 10m
  Part No. Description
  T5422     MightyRod PRO Cable Rod Super Set 12m
  Conduit Bush Spanner
• Innovative head design allows for all sizes of conduit bushes
• Allows for tightening / untightening even with cabling in place
Ratchet Cable Cutter
• Designed to cut hard drawn copper cable, Aluminium cable or 200 pair communication cables - cuts cable up to 32 mm
      Part No. Description
   T4755 Conduit Bush Spanner
  Part No. Description
    430007 Ratchet Cable Cutter
  Part No. Description
    492001 Electricians Scissors 140mm
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