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                    ENERGY CONTROL PIR Detectors
Busch-Watchdog Presence Detector
For switching lighting systems that depend on brightness and movement. abb • Movement and presence detection
Busch Presence Detector
Master presence detector with mixed light measurement.
For switching lighting systems that depend on brightness and movement.
• Movement and presence detection
Busch-Watchdog MasterLINE Presence Detector
Electronic movement detector for detecting thermal motion. Remote control possible via IR remote control 6841-101 (included in scope of delivery). Remote configurable via IR service remote control 6842-101. With display for detection and operation mode. With ground
and rear-field detection. With high-quality lens for optimum detection. Detection sensitivity adjustable via IR service remote control. All functions controlled by microprocessor. Presence simulation can be activated via IR remote control. Reading in the current brightness value as switching threshold via remote control. With automatic range stabilization. With automatic interference suppression. With automatic dazzle-proofing. With brightness-independent test mode for evaluating the detection zone. Individual adjustment of detection range via enclosed protective foil which can be cut to size. Additional possibility for switch-on via normally open push-button switch. Switch-off delay
• Movement and presence detection
Also available:
• In different colours
• Range Detection
• Different forms and fitting
  Part No. Description
    2CKA006800A2517 6811 EB-500 Busch-Watchdog Presence tech BasicLINE mini
     Part No. Description
  6819/60-24 Busch-Presence detector Compact, relay 8 metres
 6819/51-24-500 Busch-Presence detector Corridor BT, relay 30 metres
 6819/35-24-500 Busch-Presence detector Universal BT, DALI 12 meters
      Part No. Description
6847 AGM-204-500 Busch-Watchdog 220 MasterLINE incl. IR remote control
 6867 AGM-204-500 Busch-Watchdog 280 MasterLINE incl. IR remote control
  6855 AGM-204-500 Busch-Watchdog 110 MasterLINE
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