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                    HEATING & VENTILATION Water Heating
5 Litre Oversink 2kW
• Vented oversink water heating unit - suitable for hand washing, catering etc.
• Dropstop function - non-drip tap, expansion taken up in tank
• Avoids overtightening tap &
• Thermostop - prevents heat loss
through spout
• Variable temperature adjust from
35°C to 85°C
• Temperature limitation function
• Low standby energy consumption
• Active protection circuit for
safety-first installation
(high limit safety cut-out can be reset)
• Profi-rapid® for a quick installation
stiebel eltron
5 litre vented oversink water heater complete with tap and spout.
Unvented Undersink
• Cylinder with 10 or 15 litre capacity (depending on model)
• 2.0 kW output
• Active protection circuit for safety
first installation
(high limit safety cutout can be reset)
• Maximum standby energy consumption 0.36 kWh
• Profi-Rapid® for a quick
Small water heater SHC
GB - constant temperature at every turn. Ideal for reliably and continuously supplying several draw-off points with hot water at an infinitely variable constant temperature. A rotary selector makes temperature setting easy.
       Part No. Description
  SHC 10 GB
 SHC 15 GB
  Part No. Description
    221125 SN5 SL GB
   Mini Instantaneous
Mini instantaneous water heater DEM - ideal for wash hand basins. Perfect wherever small amounts of water at hand temperature are needed often. Electronically controlled (DEM) set temperature without long supply lines or water and energy losses from manual adjustment.
• For a single draw-off point
• • 3.5 kW, 4.4 kW, 5.7 kW
• • Effective bare-wire heating
• • DEM for oversink and undersink installation
Electronic Instantaneous
Electronic instantaneous water heater DHC-E well tempered showering pleasure. Individually adjustable output to suit existing electrical systems and a precision electronic control unit to maintain the selected temperature. Short pipe runs ensure water and energy savings.
• Saves up to 20% of energy compared to cylinder systems
• Anti-scalding protection
• Constant output for its entire service life) • Temperature selection in °F or °C (86 °F to
125°F/30°C or 60°C)
• Oversink or undersink installation
• Low energy consumption - no standby losses
Electronic Instantaneous
Fully electronic compact instantaneous water heater with 4i technology for maximum energy efficiency and accurate temperature delivery at all times.
• Large illuminated multifunction display for easy operation
• ECO mode for extremely energy efficient operation
• Full transparency thanks to water and power consumption indicator
• High quality design
• Made in Germany
• Two temperature memory buttons for quick
temperature selection
• Temperature limit (childproofing)
• Extensive range of convenience and safety
           Part No. Description
 DEM 3
  DEM 4
 DEM 6
  Part No. Description
  DHC-E 8/10
 DHC-E 12
   Part No. Description
  DCE-X 6/8 Premium
 DCE-X 10/12 Premium
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