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                    HEATING & VENTILATION Handwash Units
Instaflow T30I
The T30I Handwash is designed as a compact unit, making it perfect for fitting into small spaces and providing a source for instant hot water where only a cold mains water supply is available.
• Single control for start/stop and temperature selection
• Heats water on demand - ideal for handwashing where only a cold mains
water supply is available
• Quick and easy to install
• Direct replacement to the Triton T30I
(200mm arm supplied as standard)
    Part No. Description
   SPT303I Instaflow T30I Handwash
  Instaflow T30IR
With all the great features of the manual Instaflow T30i handwash, the T30IR provides the additional benefit of handsfree operation with the Infra-red (IR) sensor, ensuring hygienic conditions can be maintained.
• Seasonal temperature adjustment provides optimum performance all year round, eliminating the need for constant adjustment On/Off Infra-red motion sensor
• Direct replacement of the Triton T30I
• Timed shut down ensures minimal water wastage
(200mm arm supplied as standard)
    Part No. Description
   SPT303IR Instaflow T30IR Handwash
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