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                    HEATING & VENTILATION
Stored Water Heater
Instaflow Stored Water Heater
Providing high flow rates and perfect for storing up to either 5, 10 or 15 litres of hot water from a cold mains water supply, the Instaflow stored water heater is designed for a discreet, under-sink installation and gives quick heat up times with variable temperature settings up to a maximum of 75°C.
• Stored hot water heater fed by cold mains water supply
• Everything supplied for ease of installation
• Under-sink installation with top connectors
• Quick heat up times and variable temperature settings
(with a maximum temperature of 75°C)
• Corrosion resistant, enamel coated heater tank with magnesium
anode protection
    Part No. Description
 5 Litre
  10 Litre
 15 Litre
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