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                    FIRE & SECURITY Smoke & Heat Alarms
 Kidde Firex
Serious about Safety, Passionate about Protection
Kidde Safety is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms and other fire safety products.
All alarms are manufactured in Kidde’s own factory and every alarm is individually tested before supply. Kidde alarms are approved to the highest British and European standards and are BSI Kitemarked.
When choosing to specify and install Kidde alarms remember:
• There should be at least one smoke alarm on every floor of the property, particularly in areas that may be an escape route.
• Select the most appropriate alarm for the location (see below) to avoid nuisance alarms and have the maximum effect.
• A CO alarm should be installed near any fuel-burning appliance such as a central heating boiler, gas fire or log burner. Be sure
to install it around 1.5 metres up from the floor on the wall, or free-standing on a shelf or bookcase for best detection.
Kidde Firex smoke and heat alarms can interlink with up to 23 other Kidde Firex alarms –
all alarms sound if danger is detected. They have reduced energy consumption for lower lifetime running costs.
All Kidde Firex hard-wired alarms have a 6-year warranty.
• Ionisation Alarms are ideal where a fast-flaming fire may occur, say from electrical equipment.
• Optical Alarms are better for slow, smouldering fires, from PVC cabling, soft furnishings and bedding.
• Heat Alarms are designed for humid, dusty or high ambient temperature locations such as kitchens, garages, unconverted lofts.
      * compared to previous Firex alarms
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