Page 506 - Fegime - Electrical Product Guide Issue 1 V5
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                    FIRE & SECURITY
Assisted Living
Electric Stove Guard
• Switches electric cookers off before a fire can start
• Intelligent heat sensor identifies dangerously high temperatures
• Self-learning intelligent temperature alarm - adjusts sensitivity based on users’ cooking habits
• Automatic fault diagnosis checks system operation
• Complies with EN 50615:2015 standard requirements
• 2 year warranty
• For use with electric cookers
  Part No. Description
     SGEL-SN-2 Electric Cooker Shut Off
   Combined Strobe & Vibrating Pad
• Designed to provide additional protection for those with hearing loss, who may not hear the audible alert from Fire and CO alarms
• Mains powered with rechargeable battery back-up
• Smart RF - compatible with and activated by FireAngel Specification devices featuring Smart RF technology
• The flashing strobe provides a visual warning for waking hours, while the vibrating pad may be placed under a pillow or mattress
• Designed to meet BS 5446-3:2015
• 5 year warranty
  Part No. Description
     FS1552W2-T Combined Strobe & Vibrating Pad
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