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Emergency Exit Signs and Luminaires
Kosnic’s Doxa LED emergency exit sign is a self-contained, multi-
purpose, maintained or non-maintained 3-hour emergency exit sign
solution. The fitting is adaptable to be surface mounted in multiple
positions, suspended or recessed mounted when used with the additional suspension kit or recessed kit. The Doxa is also available to purchase with the upward or downward sign
as standard.
• 5 mounting positions
• Three hour rated duration
• Maintained or non-maintained operation
• Automatic Self-Test version conforming to EN 62034–reporting the results
Kosnic’s LED Emergency Exit Sign or Emergency Bulkhead Luminaire
is a self-contained, multi-purpose, non-maintained or maintained*
3-hour emergency exit sign or emergency luminaire solution. The
fitting can be used with or without the emergency exit graphics. It is supplied with adaptable self-adhesive graphics that can be arranged to indicate escape routes as necessary.
• All legends included
• Maintained and non-maintained option
• 20mm Conduit entry
• Available in black
• IP65 and IK10 (vandal resistant) for internal & external uses.
• Dual entry push-wire terminal block for easy loop-in loop-out wiring.
• Available in self-test version
• BESA box fitting points
• Standard 4 year battery warranty
Orda II
Kosnic’s Orda II LED Emergency Twin-Spot is a self-contained, high-
power, robust, non-maintained emergency lighting solution available
as either standard or self-test versions. The Orda II LED Emergency
Twin-Spot has two adjustable directional spotlights providing emergency illumination along exit routes for three hours during a power cut. Typical applications include warehouses, factories, industrial sites and long corridors.
• High efficiency of 157lm/W
• High output of 470lm, replaces previous model of 7W Orda • Ceiling mount option and accessories included
• Compact in size
• Twin fully adjustable heads allow best light coverage
• IP65, IK10
• Options of white and black finish
• BESA box fitting points
     via a bi-coloured LED indicator.
• Class II, IP20
• Surface mounting, suspension, or recessed
mounting(with additional kit)
• Integrated mounting clips
• Li-Ion battery
• Choice of exit sign graphics
• standard 4 year battery warranty
         Nitro & Nitro Surface
Kosnic’s LED Non-Maintained Emergency Downlights are discrete
recessed fittings that provide emergency lighting only. The Nitro
family is available in recessed or surface mounted options. The
downlights are also available with a standard lens design with a circular light pattern or a corridor version lens with a beam that is designed to emphasis illumination along one axis more than the other. The Nitros are also available in self test which incorporates automatic self-test technology that will perform regular automatic function and duration tests as required by EN 62034, reporting the results via a bi-coloured LED indicator built into the luminaire.
• Standard and corridor version with differnt lens
• Non-maintained, >3hrs
• Available in white or black
• Available in self-test version
• Standard 4 year battery warranty
Nitro Selftest
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