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                    CABLE & ACCESSORIES
2 Part Potting Compounds & Cable Jointing
Magic Gel Sprint
Simple mix in the bottle Magic Gel!!!
Two part re-enterable gel potting compound used to protect electrical components from water and dust.
Fully submersible to high depths, completely non-toxic and has no shelf life even after the bottles have been opened.
• Mix in the bottle
• More eco-friendly as less packaging
• Quicker to use
• Non toxic, no shelf life and non oily
• Re-enterable even after long periods of operation
• Cross links at less than 10 minute depending on temperature
• Gives protection greater than IP68 according to IEC 529
• Dielectric strength >23 Kv/mm
• Volume resistivity >2.1015Ω cm
• Working temperature: -60˚C to +200oC
• Fungal and UV stabilized
• EN50393: CEI 20-33, fire retardant according to IUEC 322-1 CEI 20-33
See video demo
Super Clik
Prefilled gel cable joints suitable for unarmoured cables complete with connectors. Armoured versions also available.
• Re-enterable and reusable
• Non-toxic and no shelf life
• Suitable for permanent submersion in water or underground
• CEI EN50393 (with additional testing of pushing water through the cable cores)
• IPX8 - officially tested by IMQ
     Part No. Description Size
  Magic Gel Sprint 450
  450 of mix in bottle Magic Gel
 Magic Gel Sprint 900
 Twin pack of Magic Gel 450
 900ml (twin pack of 450ml)
         Part No.
Max O/D
 Super Clik 0
 Up to 3 Core 6mm2 Flex or 3 Core 4mm2 and 2.5mm° Branch
 95 x 43 x 28mm
 Super Clik 1
 Up to 5 Core 6mm2 Straight or 5 Core 5mm2 and 5 Core 2.5mm2 Branch
 150 x 56 x 30mm
 Super Clik 2
  Up to 5 Core 16mm2 Straight or5 Core 10mm2 and 5 Core 6mm2 Branch
  220 x 85 x 46mm
 Super Clik 3
 Up to 4 Core 25mm2 and 4 Core 16mm2 for the Branch
 220 x 85 x 46mm
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