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                 The Complete
Consumer Unit
Elucian by Click® brings to the market a comprehensive Consumer Unit and Circuit Protection range. It covers
a broad range of installations and offers a number of features and benefits that will enhance the products’ convenience, flexibility and safety properties.
“Functional, stylish, and innovative, our Elucian range of consumer units provides an exceptional option for any residential or light commercial environment. Packed with features making installation quick and simple for electricians.”
  • Combination Units
• Garage Consumer Units
• Split Load Consumer Units
10 Year Warranty
• Straight Way Consumer Units
• Consumer Unit with Pre-installed SPD.
• RCDs • RCBOs
Metal Consumer Units
Variable Knockouts
Mains Switch Tail Clamp
  “Our Elucian range of Protective Devices are easy to install, suitable for residential and light commercial environments, they provide protection against earth faults to ensure people’s safety against electrocution and fires.”
• MCBs
• Main Switches
3 Year Warranty
• SPDs
• Blank Modules
Clip in
Devices Capabilities
     Lock Off
Clear Indication
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