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                    ENERGY CONTROL
IR Programming & Commissioning Handsets
Infrared Handsets
 Compact Programming/
Commissioning Handset
The UHS5 is a compact infrared handset used for programming of IR enabled CP products.
Compact User Handset
The UHS7 is a compact infrared handset used for basic user control of scene selection and raise/lower functions via Standalone DALI/DSI and 1-10V detectors, An-10 scene plates and detectors.
LCD Compact Programming/
Commissioning Handset
The UNLCDHS is a compact infrared handset with LCD display used for the operation, configuration, and programming of CP Electronics products that have the ability to be programmed via IR and/or RF. These include PRM, DD and AD detectors and the RAPID, Vitesse Plus, and An-10 systems.
   Part No. Description
  Compact, Programming/ Commissioning Handset
  Part No. Description
  Professional, Programming/ Commissioning LCD Handset
  Part No. Description
   UHS7 Compact, User Handset
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Together we
Fully Addressable Lighting Control System combining state-of-the-art technology and modular mechanics, with an easy to use graphical interface.
vitesse plus
A range of lighting control systems (LCMs) specifically designed to make commissioning fast, simple and effective.
An-10 wireless technology allows you to install a fully featured lighting control system easily and with minimal disruption.

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