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                    HEATING & VENTILATION
Monsoon EnergysaverTM IntelliSense
The Monsoon IntelliSense is a bathroom fan that is quiet yet versatile enough to ventilate bathrooms, toilets and even utility areas. The IntelliSense features an advanced control system with several functions, which includes a fully automatic humidity control that adjusts itself to the right level according to the environment. It has a timer with a selectable start delay function and three extended end-of-run times in addition to an automatic airing function and the option for constant operation at an adjustable speed. The motor is a low-energy unit fitted with double ball bearings for a long service life.
Monsoon ACR35
The ACR35 continuous running HTP fan has been designed for kitchens, utilities and bathrooms. Adjustable trickle speeds between 5-30l/s with a maximum boost of 35l/s .Comes with intermittent to continuous running options, a data logger incorporating 3 digit settings lock, hours on trickle and boost, hours boosted on humidity and energy consumption as standard. The HTP fan has an adjustable dynamic ambient response humidity sensor and an adjustable timer between 1 and 30 minutes. The in built boost can be activated by pullcord, humidity sensor, switched live or a remote button.
     • Energy efficient, max power consumption 5.5W
• Extremely quiet with min sound level of 12 dB(A)
• High performance up to 134m3/hr (37l/s)
• Choice of 100mm and 120mm spigots included
• Humidistat, timer and pullcord controls included
• •
Trickle & boost speeds • adjustable
Humidity sensor, adjustable
Timer adjustable
Data logger, hours on trickle and boost, hours boosted by humidity and energy consumption as standard
• Self Adjusting Intelligent
Humidistat •
7 year warranty • Made in the UK
• Intelligent away mode airing function
• 5 year Warranty
• Removable Impeller for easy
Available in 240V & 12V SELV •
Part No. Description
  MEI-I     Energysaver IntelliSense Fan
  Part No. Description
  ACR35     Continuous Running HTP Fan
  Monsoon Energysaver Wall Positive Input Ventilation System
What are Positive Pressure Systems?
The Monsoon Energysaver Positive Pressure System is designed for use in almost all property types with both loft and wall units available. For homes with loft spaces the PPS/LH is installed in the loft and the discreet diffuser is stalled in the hallway. Gently introducing tempered air into the house curing even stubborn mould and condensation issues.
   • Energy efficient DC ball bearing motor for quiet operation
• Effective at managing condensation and mould
• Built-in electronic controller automatically monitors the temperature of the introduced air and activates the pre-heater to maintain comfort levels
• 5 year Warranty • Made in the UK
Part No. Description
  Apartment/Flat Model DC Motor c/w Heater
 Loft Model DC Motor c/w Heater
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