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                    SWITCHGEAR & DISTRIBUTION Isolator Switches
Isolators-TP Series
• Industrial General Use Isolators
• IP66/IP69
• IK09
• Wide Internal
Wiring Space
• External Fixing Points
• Recessed Switch
• Reversible Back Box
• Space For Two Auxiliary Contacts
Isolators-FR Series
• Fire Rated Isolators
• Aluminium & Sheet Steel Enclosures • F200 and F400 Classifications
Isolators-AL Series
• Aluminium Enclosure Isolators
• Suited to areas requiring high-level impact
resistance to chemical agents, humidity, dirt and dust
Isolators-INOX Series
• Stainless Steel Enclosure Isolators
Ideal For Areas Where Corrosion Can Occur
Isolators-EX Series
• Dust Protection Isolators
• Aluminium Or Thermoplastic Enclosures
          Part No. Description
20A 3P Emergency Switching IP66/IP69
20A 3P + N Emergency Switching IP66/IP69
 Part No. Description
    590.HEM1606 16A 6P Emergency Switching IP66
32A 3P Emergency Switching IP66/IP69
32A 3P + N Emergency Switching IP66/IP69
Isolators-HD Series
• Heavy Duty Isolators
• Perfect For Extreme Conditions
Isolators-HR Series
Part No. Description
40A 3P Emergency Switching IP66/IP69
   40A 3P + N Emergency Switching IP66/IP69
590.FEM2002 20A 2P Emergency Switching IP65
      • High Current Rating Isolators
• 160A-1600A • • Hinge Sheet Steel Door
   Part No. Description
Part No. Description
   590.JEM2002 20A 2P Emergency Switching IP66
   Part No. Description
    590.SEM10003 100A 3P Emergency Switching IP65
      Isolators-PH Series
• Photovoltaic Application Isolators • DC Switch Connector
Isolators-EX[GD] Series
• Dust And Gas Protection Isolators
• Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Thermosetting Enclosures • ForTheHarshestEnvironments
590.KEM160003 1600A 3P Emergency Switching IP65
         Part No. Description
Part No. Description
   590.DCGE0416 16A DC General Use IP66/IP69
   Part No. Description
    590.XHEM3202 32A 2P Emergency Switching IP65
      591.PEM2002 20A 2P Emergency Switching IP66
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