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                    CABLE & ACCESSORIES
Connectors & Terminals
Helacon Releasable
Starrett Holesaws
• Ideal for stainless and mild steel sheet and tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm (1/8”)
• New 5.5 TPI/25mm tooth form provides a smoother, faster cut in all materials
• New tooth material for enhanced heat and wear resistance and greater product life
• Cutting depth of 41mm (1.5/8”)
Fast Cut Bi-Metal Hole Saw Smoother Cut
     Push in Connectors
• Universal push-in wire connector for solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires
• Compact size connector
• Wire clamping range: 0.2 - 4.0 mm2
• Separate voltage test entry on the top
• For proper fixing that can be visually checked
through transparent housing
• Safe application, installation and maintenance
Helacon Releasable Easy & quick to use
Connector Box
• Dimensions: 109mm x 52mm x 28mm
• Voltage: 250 V AC
• The HTCB+ is designed to take up to 4 pole
15/16A terminal strips across its width enabling wiring of typical lighting circuit with cabling loop in, loop out, switch and light, for example.
4 Pole Connector Box
Hole Saw
Part No. Description
 Part No. Description
  FCH56MM Holesaw 56mm HSS
 FCH0214 Holesaw 57mm HSS
 FCH0256 Holesaw 59mm HSS
 FCH0238 Holesaw 60mm HSS
 FCH0212 Holesaw 64mm HSS
 FCH0296 Holesaw 65mm HSS
 FCH0258 Holesaw 67mm HSS
 FCH68MM Holesaw 68mm HSS
 FCH0234 Holesaw 70mm HSS
 FCH0278 Holesaw 73mm HSS
 FCH0300 Holesaw 76mm HSS
 FCH0318 Holesaw 79mm HSS
 FCH0314 Holesaw 83mm HSS
 FCH0338 Holesaw 86mm HSS
 FCH0312 Holesaw 89mm HSS
 FCH0358 Holesaw 92mm HSS
 FCH0334 Holesaw 95mm HSS
 FCH0378 Holesaw 98mm HSS
 FCH0400 Holesaw 102mm HSS
 FCH0418 Holesaw 105mm HSS
 FCH0414 Holesaw 108mm HSS
 FCH0438 Holesaw 111mm HSS
 FCH0412 Holesaw 114mm HSS
 FCH0434 Holesaw 121mm HSS
 FCH0500 Holesaw 127mm HSS
 FCH0514 Holesaw 133mm HSS
    FCH0096 Holesaw 14mm HSS
     FCH0058 Holesaw 16mm HSS
 FCH1016 Holesaw 17mm HSS
 FCH0034 Holesaw 19mm HSS
 FCH2532 Holesaw 20mm HSS
 FCH1036 Holesaw 21mm HSS
 FCH0078 Holesaw 22mm HSS
 FCH1056 Holesaw 24mm HSS
 FCH0100 Holesaw 25mm HSS
Part No. Description
  Push-In Connector 2-Pole
 Push-In Connector 3-Pole
 Push-In Connector 5-Pole
   FCH0116 Holesaw 27mm HSS
 FCH0118 Holesaw 29mm HSS
 FCH0136 Holesaw 30mm HSS
 FCH0114 Holesaw 32mm HSS
 FCH0156 Holesaw 33mm HSS FCH0138 Holesaw 35mm HSS FCH0176 Holesaw 37mm HSS
    FCH0112 Holesaw 38mm HSS
  FCH0196 Holesaw 40mm HSS
 FCH0158 Holesaw 41mm HSS
 FCH1116 Holesaw 43mm HSS
 FCH0134 Holesaw 44mm HSS
 FCH1136 Holesaw 46mm HSS
 FCH0178 Holesaw 48mm HSS
 FCH0200 Holesaw 51mm HSS
 FCH0216 Holesaw 52mm HSS
 HTCB+ HTCB+ Connector Box 109x52x28mm
FCH0218 Holesaw 54mm HSS
 Part No. Description
Cable Scout
Professional cable installation tool
Enables time savings to be
achieved even with challenging installations Rods manufactured from high quality Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
Load carrying capacity of 200 kg
Range of accessories enabling the installer to illuminate, grip inspect and retrieve.
Rods & accessories contained in a useful durable storage bag
Cable Scout Camera
     • •
• •
• • •
• •
Image resolution 1600 x 1200 10m Semi-rigid cable
Waterproof IP68 when the splash proof lens cover is applied
Accessories include : Hook, Splash proof lens cover, Magnet, Mirror
LED illumination
    Part No. Description
 Cable Kit Rods/Accys
  Deluxe Cable Kit
 Handy Cable Kit
  Part No. Description
    897-90060 Cable Scout Cam Kit
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